Coding internships with the Open Energy Dashboard

OED offers internships for students in many forms. Every internship is an educational opportunity where we strive to help you learn and increase your knowledge and not just complete coding tasks for the OED project. These can occur during the academic year or during breaks/summer. The project will support your getting academic credit if your college/university has this option. We also support working with a faculty member who wants students in their class to work on OED though these are typically not done as internships. All internship are done virtually and we have extensive experience in doing this.

Time expectations

OED is a real-world project using multiple technologies. As such, it is unlikely that someone can make a significant contribution in only a few hours. (If you are interested in a less significant investment, consider working on a basic issue for the OED project. There is a tag for good first issues.) Given this, most students need 10-30 hours to get into the project where the time depends on their level of knowledge of the project's technologies. Student internships have ranged from two months to a semester to more than a year if they become ongoing contributors to the project. On a weekly basis, student internships have ranged from five hours per week to full-time. The minimum total time for an internship is 60 hours (5 hours per week for a 12 week semester) but students generally spend more time in total.

Please note that OED is a Humanitarian and Free Open Source (HFOSS) project that does not have funds to financially support those working on the project so all internships are unpaid. (Everyone working on OED is an unpaid volunteer.) We believe that the quality of the experience and the opportunity to improve the world are sufficient for those working on OED. However, we will support any efforts you make to receive funding to work on OED including needed documentation.

Expected background

We do not expect you to know or have experience with the technologies involved in OED. We actually expect you to expand your knowledge while you work on the project (see below). However, a good experience depends on having a reasonable background before starting. Thus, we expect each student to have:

What you can expect

While each internship is tailored to the student, all internships have these aspects:

Reaching out for an internship with OED

If you are interested in an internship with OED or want more information, please contact us at the OED internship email. If you want to begin the internship application, please provide the following information:

You are welcome to provide a resume/CV in lieu of or in addition to the items above.

OED accepts internship applications at any time. We are flexible in when you start so you do not have to wait until a particular time to begin working. You can also apply in advance to starting working at a later date.

Once we receive your information, we will review it in a timely fashion. The next step is to have a phone or video interview to talk about your involvement in the OED project. We will expand on the information you provided, get to understand you better and discuss options for working with OED. If everything looks positive, we may ask for two references in support of your application. We can also put you in contact with current/former students who have worked on the OED project so you can get their first-hand impression of working on the OED project. Decisions are generally made soon after your materials are complete.

More information

If you have questions or thoughts, please email us.