The info on this page is for OED version 0.8.0. See "Help versions" menu at top of page for other versions.

Help Overview

These pages provide help about the Open Energy Dashboard (OED) system. You can use the links at the top or any help page to go the appropriate section for your question or look at the description/links below. Note that each version of OED has its own help pages. You will be taken to the latest version on the website and the version of OED you are running when you get help on an OED page. You can look at the help for other versions by using the "Help versions" dropdown menu at the top of all help pages. Some help pages do not exist in all versions of OED. For example, a feature may not have existed in earlier versions so there is not help page for that feature. If you select another version and the web browser gives you a "404 File not found" error then this is likely the case. You can use the web browser's back button to return to the page you were on to get back to the help system.

The help (? within OED) can be clicked to reveal information about the features(s) near the question mark. That information generally contains links to help pages directly related to the feature being described. This context sensitive help can aid users while working with OED and lead them to appropriate help pages.

OED uses JavaScript for many features. You must have JavaScript enabled for the web browser page that contains OED.