The info on this page is for OED version 0.8.0. See "Help versions" menu at top of page for other versions.

OED Graph Type (Help)


OED offers multiple types of graphics so you can engage with the data in different ways. The selection of meters and groups remains as you change graphic pages. Also, to make it easier to use multiple graphics, the color of a meter or group remains the same on the line, bar and map graphic. Compare graphics use the same two colors for previous/current time period for all meters/groups.


There are four types of graphics that each reside on a different page of OED. You can select the desired graphic by clicking one the choices from those available in the dropdown menu (highlighted by the blue box) in the following figure:

choosing graphic options

The graphics options are given next with a brief description. The provided link goes to another help page with extensive information on each graphic page.


Use the provided link to get to other help page with extensive information on each graphic page.

By default, OED will display the line graphic page when it starts. The site administrator can change this to be any of the graph types. The user can choose any type as described above.