The info on this page is for OED version 0.7.0. See "Help versions" menu at top of page for other versions.

Admin Data Acquisition (Help)


The OED system stores and works with readings. These are normally thought of as meter readings but can come from any source. OED has a standard way to acquire these readings but also provides software that can take readings from other sources and manipulate them to fit our model of how readings should come to OED. This allows for sites to directly acquire readings from a number of sources. Note that it is possible to do this for other meter systems. We are willing to either work with you (or another party) to create the needed code or, if it seems appropriate, create this code for a new type of device. At the current time OED has systems in place to automatically acquire data from CSV files, Obvius AcquiSuite and MAMAC meters. These are described below.



The standard way OED acquires information about meters and readings is via information in CSV files. Data passed in this way goes through the standard data acquisition pipeline where it is checked for a number of possible errors/issues before being added into the OED system. The Obvius and MAMAC acquisition described in the next two sections are filters that process the data supplied in these vendor's format (mostly CSV in a different format) and converted into the canonical CSV format that OED expects for standard processing. The details for uploading a CSV file into OED are described on the admin CSV Import page.


Obvius AcquiSuite acquires meter data using Obvius hardware for a large number of metering devices. The system has the ability to provide this data to other systems. OED uses the push mechanism where AcquiSuite periodically sends OED this data. As we work with more sites in using Obvius, we plan to provide instructions to let you do this yourself. For now, please contact us and we will help you through this process.

MAMAC meters

MAMAC meters are hardware devices that collect various types of metering data. OED can acquire MAMAC meter data as described here. This process is normally done by an IT person as part of the setup of your OED site.


None at this time.