The info on this page is for OED version 0.6.0. See "Help versions" menu at top of page for other versions.

Graphing Groups (Help)


A group in OED represents the aggregation (sum) of the meters and groups it represents. The following figure visually represents the ideas of a group in OED. It is a simplified representation of a college campus.

graphic of OED groups

The green circles at the top represent meters and the rectangles represent groups. The lines indicate what items are included in a given group. Here is a description of some of the groups:

The important idea behind groups is they allow a site to create arbitrary combinations that can represent the total usage of energy for an area of an organization. As OED rolls out inclusion of all resource types (coming future release), groups will allow for combining different types of energy usage to get the total energy usage across groups. For example, a building might have a meter for electricity, a meter for natural gas and a meter for steam. A group that combined these meters would represent the total energy used across these three energy sources.


Each graphic page has a dropdown menu for the available groups as shown in this figure:

meter dropdown

Note if the list of groups is long, you may need to scroll down to get to the one you want. You can do an incremental search for any group by typing in the input area at the top of the dropdown menu to limit the groups shown to the ones that match what you type. The search will occur anywhere in the group name (not just the start) and is not case sensitive. This can still be done when groups are already selected and shown at the top of the group dropdown. This is shown in the next figure where Group 7 & 8 was already selected and "a" was typed in the dropdown to find Group A & B.

meter dropdown

You can select any group by clicking on it so it shows up on the graphic on this page and appear in the list at the top of the group dropdown. The choice of groups will remain as you change the graphic you are displaying.

If you want to remove a group from being graphed, you click the "x" to the left of its name in the list at the top of the dropdown menu.


The hope is that the name of a group gives you a good idea of what it represents. However, you may want to see the underlying groups and meters within a group. The Group Content page can show this.

At the current time (OED version 0.7), you cannot graph a group on a map. This limitation will be going away in a future release of OED.