Features of the Open Energy Dashboard

The OED system has a number of features. This page gives a brief description of the feature along with a link to the help pages with more information and pictures. The academic uses example page shows many of these features but focusing on how they might be used. Some people may wish to see a number of these features by using our live demo site.

OED acquires, permanently stores and analyzes data it receives. While this is important in allowing OED to have the features on this page, it is not normally visible to the user and is not discussed here. If you are interested in how OED does this work then please contact the project.

line graphic of two building electric usage

In the next graphic, the option to "Normalize by Area" is selected. Note the y-axis units are now "BTU / Hour / sq. meters". The area of the the Theater is 10,000 sq. meters, the Dining Hall is 1,000 sq. meters and the Great Dorm is 10,000 sq. meters. Thus, when normalized by area, the Theater is substantially below the Dining Hall because it is 10 times larger. There is no change between the Theater and Great Dorm because they are the same area. Clearly the Theater is either used differently or is much more efficient compared to the Dining Hall.

line graphic of two building electric usage normalized by area

One can normalize by either sq. meters or sq. feet independent of the area unit for a meter/group.