OED Pull Request

While developing your code, we suggest you do the following:

When your fork has code that is ready to add to the OED code base, create a pull request from your branch into development on the main OED GitHub repository (GitHub documentation). The pull request template should include the following:

When your pull request is submitted, automated GitHub Actions will run including static code checks and the OED test code that will do the checks and tests. If they pass then a green check mark will be put next to them and your pull request can be considered. If they fail, you should see why and fix the issue on your branch. When you push the change to your GitHub account (with the fork of OED), your pull request will automatically be updated and recheck.

You can tell if there were any issues with the automated GitHub Actions by looking at the commit on the pull request. Toward the right side of the line with the commit there will either be a green check mark (everything is okay) or a red x (indicating issues). (It could be yellow of the checks have not finished which normally takes 1-4 minutes.) If you click on either, a popup has a link to the "details". Normally the issue is with the OED tests (and not from the automated testing setup). To see these, open up the section labeled "node tests". This will show all the checks (lint, typescript, etc.) and the automated unit tests. Normally there will be an error message (either at the end or in several places). This should indicate where the error occurred and help in tracking it down. Note that an error can cause the testing to stop so it is possible there are more errors that will show up once the earlier one is fixed. See above about running the tests on your machine and the developer details page has information on running a limited number of tests.

Once your pull request is passing all automated checks, it needs to be reviewed by at least one OED team member with that privilege. The review might make suggestions and may request changes. Once that process is complete, a senior member of the team will either approve the pull request or make other comments (if not already reviewed by a senior member). Once approved, the pull request can be merged into development for inclusion into the OED code base.

As always, if you have questions about this process or run into issues, you can contact the development team using the link at the bottom of this page.