OED Code Organization

The OED code base is organized into directories. Understanding the structure of this layout can help in working on the code.

The project is organized into a number of subdirectories. The primary division is among:


In the root directory, OED has several metadata files. These are further organized by technology or purpose.

For Humans

For Development Tools

For Code Transformers

For Dependency Management Tools

Frontend Code

All frontend code is stored in src/client/app/. This is the code that actually runs in the user's web browser. See the technologies page for a diagram showing how this code is transpiled and minified prior to delivery.

This code is contained in several directories:

Backend Code

All backend code is stored in src/server/, except for the executable server, which is src/bin/www/.

Beneath that, there are several folders:

Common Code

All common code is stored in src/common/. This code defines data types which are in shared use between the client and the server.


Scripts are stored in src/scripts/.

The scripts are as follows:

Other directories

One will see other directories in the OED code base after install and work with OED. These are not normally changed by someone. A few noticeable ones are: