Contacting the OED Project

OED is an open project where information about all aspects of the project are maintained on our GitHub site. We welcome, encourage and desire receiving the thoughts, ideas, suggestions, problems or anything else about the OED project. This page gives information on engaging with the OED project.


The developers of the OED project are available via Discord. You can join with this Discord invite link. Developers are especially encouraged to join. If enough users or traffic happens then we will create multiple channels.

Email contact with the OED project

The OED project maintains a number of email addresses for your input. If you are unsure where to email your input then pick whatever one seems best. It is more important to us that you reach out than worry about how you do it.


OED resides on GitHub, a platform to store all project information and a history of the code. There are several areas that might be of interest when trying to contact us.

Hearing back from OED

You should expect to hear back from us about your input and how we plan to deal with it. For email we generally contact you directly via email. For input on the GitHub site we generally respond by posting on GitHub.